About Entekrishi

Entekrishi (website&mobile app) operated by Digital Farmers Foundation (NGO – Reg.No.86/IV/2016) is an online agricultural open market directly connecting farmers and end consumers across Kerala.

How Entekrishi Benefits Farmers

  • Entekrishi.com helps farmers find more potential consumers for their commodities at a fair price eliminating middlemen. 

  • By utilizing the Entekrishi website and mobile app as an active online space, farmers can seamlessly post, promote, search and discover not just agricultural commodities but also agricultural-related services, news, events, laborers and so on.

  • In addition, Entekrishi online communities (Facebook, WhatsApp) allow farmers to connect, network and share ideas, concepts, challenges, and initiatives with like-minded farmers with similar backgrounds and objectives.

How Entekrishi Benefits Consumers

Entekrishi.com offers consumers the benefits of promised quality commodities at reasonable pricing, which they can inspect and purchase firsthand at a nearby farm.

Entekrishi.com Working

Farmers can post/list their commodities on entekrishi.com by logging in, mentioning the quantity, price, contact information, and other specifications for the commodities.

The Entekrishi website and mobile app make it simple for consumers to search through farmer’s posts/listings for the agricultural commodities they need and contact farmers directly to make deals.