Digital Farmers Foundation

A platform to help farmers find the right customers and right market at the right time to increase their market, sale and revenue

A Closer Look

Benefits of our NGO

Find the Right market

Introduce farmers and their products to a wider market rather than using the local market. This helps them to get the right customers and there by increase the demand of their products.

More Connectivity and Recognition

Help farmers increase their connectivity with market through different social networking media. Social networking would help them find the right customers and also motivates them to do and like their profession and fetch them more recognition in the society.

No Middleman

Encourage direct selling. There wont be any middle person between the farmer and the customers. Hence it’s more benefitial for both.

More sales, More revenue

Finding the right market, connectivity will increase the sales and there by increase the revenue.

Sell the products before they are ready

Allow the farmers to advertise their products before they are ready so they can find the right customers before time. This benefits the customers also as they dont have to run through the market at the last minute to get the produce they need.

More trust

Bring farmers and customers to one platform and allow them to interact which each other. This creates a trust between both which will increase the quality and quantity of the produce





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