Sponsorship Plan

Entekrishi.com is a first online marketplace/Social media for farmers and consumers in Kerala, to sell and buy products which are produced in their own farms and also to market farms, services, news, events, jobs…etc. Our Digital Farmers Foundation (NGO – Reg.No.86/IV/2016) does not produce any crops, but brings farmers and consumers to a common platform by completely eliminating intermediaries. This ensures that the consumers can enjoy fresh and good quality products straight from the farm with the benefit of reduced supply/transaction costs, and the farmers are paid right for their produce.

Kerala is known for its farm lands and farm products from the time immemorial. Even today more than 50% of the population solely rely on agriculture as their main source of income. However the farmers had been exploited by the intermediaries who earn the major share of profit and so now younger generations are hesitant to continue farming . The issues with storage, logistics, intermediaries, and aids to market to the right consumer at the right time has also led to the decline in business. The consumers finally end up in paying exorbitant price for products with never guaranteed quality.

Entekrishi.com is Kerala’s first online open market which facilitated more than 38,000+ farmers and consumers to connect directly through their website and our social networks. This was formed with a motive of providing a good livelihood for farmers and promoting a healthy society where consumers visit the farm and ensure they get fresh and pure organic produces. Entekrishi.com now operates with a mission to makeover the current marketing techniques to attract the more peoples to farming and encourage them to make farming as a profession.


Entekrishi.com has been vigorously working towards achieving its motives the past years. It has been organizing various activities for promoting the online marketplace as well as a healthy eating habits. The following are the major milestones in this journey.

Launched/participated in Karshika Mela 2014, and a marketing pavilion was put up, which had received a huge response. Kerala’s first online platform for farmers and consumers.

All medias ( TV/Radios ), magazines and newspapers are covered our news/articles.

Mission challenge 2015 campaign was organized, which was graced by the presence of celebrities from Malayalam film industry like actor Srinivasan and Miya.

The WhatsApp groups of farmers, consumers and well-wishers had been a great way of promotion. Currently there are 10+ groups of active members grouped by their interests and activities.

Kennel WhatsApp group created on 2018.

Pig Farm WhatsApp group created on 2018.

Fish Farm WhatsApp group created on 2018.

Home Made Products WhatsApp group created on 2018.

Goat Farm WhatsApp group created on 2018.

Buffalo Farm WhatsApp group created on 2018.

Diary Farm WhatsApp group created on 2017.

Entekrishi.com 2 WhatsApp group created on 2017.

Kozhi Valarthal WhatsApp group created on 2017.

DFF 1 WhatsApp group created on 2016.

Entekrishi.com WhatsApp group created on 2015.

Facebook group with over 36,785 active members with more requests flowing in each day.

The Facebook page received an overwhelming response with over 35,515 likes, 35,000+ followers and 4.5 rating with numbers growing exponentially.

The promotional video on the website and its drives has crossed 5.5 million views(Youtube/Social medias) and is still being shared among the community.

The mobility strategy has found success with the mobile app being downloaded over 5,000 times, a majority of which are found to be active.

The idea, promotion and other write-ups on different blogs today has an average of 4,000 views daily with a peak of 25,000 viewers on almost every other day.

The Entekrishi.com website today has around 400 to 500 thousand viewers a year. The site also has an Alexa traffic ranking of 54,596 in India(6 months before).

We have launched World’s first social media for farmers on December 27th 2018 at Karshikamela by Shri. Adv. Sunil Kumar (Agriculture minister).

We have started our stall at karshikamela 2018.

Sponsorship program

We are planning to get the operation/development cost of www.entekrishi.com from 20 advertisers/business owners like you.

Your benefits

  • We will place your banner ads on our website.
  • Validity will be 365 days.
  • 1060px x 108px will be the banner ads size for desktop screens.
  • 742px x 230px will be the banner ads size for mobile screens.
  • Ad will rotate in each 4sec.
  • Consumers – Target users will be above avg. families in Kerala.
  • Farmers – Target users will be farmers who has someone in their family have computer knowledge.
  • Your ad will be placed in more than 90,000+ pages say,
    – Product pagesSearch pages
    – Product Details pages
    – Seller profile pages
    – Seller profile details
    – District pages
    – Each location pages
    – All category pages
    – Sub categories pages
    – Other pages
  • We will place your company profile in http://digitalfarmersfoundation.org/sponsors/
  • We will place your company profile in https://www.facebook.com/entekrishi/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/entekrishiaxtec/
  • Our team will place your logos and company name in all our official emails and communications.
  • We will market our sponsor details to all the farmers and consumers in entekrishi.com and social media. We are expecting avg 1,00,000 farmers and consumers before end of 2019.

Cost of sponsorship

Option 1

You label will be : EnteKrishi.com sponsored by YOUR BRAND

₹1,00,000 per month

  • You will get 20 ad slots in entekrishi.com
  • You add will be in First position always
  • No other sponsor will be there

Option 2

₹20,000 per month

  • You will get 4 ad slots in entekrishi.com
  • You add will be in First position always
  • 5 sponsor will be there

Option 3

₹10,000 per month

  • You will get 2 ad slots in entekrishi.com
  • You add will be in Second position always
  • 10 sponsor will be there

Option 4

₹5,000 per month

  • You will get 1 ad slot in entekrishi.com
  • You add will be in Third position always
  • 20 sponsor will be there

By supporting us, you will get your brand recognition through our website, and will get an opportunity to join us in our effort in the upliftment of the agrarian society and hence our society will get benefitted.

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On behalf of Digital Farmers Foundation www.digitalfarmersfoundation.org